Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Many other issues were surfacing, and when Massachusets Senator Ted Kennedy saled across the Boston Harbor with Presidential Candidate Al Gore (and his running mate, Joe Lieberman), I got to look them each in the eyes, and they me, but Senator Kennedy's hand I was able to shake, as I shared my long-pondered thought: ""Work on Healthcare"

On the other hand, Joe Lieberman looked me straight in the eye, then in the midst of my long-pondered comment to him, Senator Lieberman quickly turned away to a yarmulka/yarmulke-wearing gent three rows behind me and energetically pumped his hand.

Senator Kennedy was much more gracious (and less knee-jerk), I thought, in thinking through his international and domestic policies.


And Senator Kennedy DID continue working on US healthcare until the very end. Thank you very much!

I could ONLY wish that he had understood and worked for primary prevention at the same time!

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